How to Create a DocBlaster Form?

DocBlaster converts ordinary emails into interactive DocBlaster Forms that can be sent using SMS or social media and filled out on popular web browsers. The form will be formatted to fit mobile devices. Let’s see how it’s done…

Here’s how it works:

DocBlaster uses characters like underscores or brackets and converts them into an interactive form.

Text Fields

Just like paper forms, a line of underscores like this _____________ should make a text field like the one below.


Note: The minimum amount of underscores is 3. Each underscore represents one character.

Signature Panels

If you want somewhere to sign, put the word “sign” before the underscores like this: Signed: _____________ or just use forward slashes like this: /___________/

Now you should be able to easily make signature fields as shown below.


To see more on signature panels click here`

Check Boxes

To make a checkbox, try putting two square brackets with a space between them like this:

[ ]

This should create a clickable checkbox like the one below.


Option Buttons

To make a set of option buttons, try using regular brackets like so:

( ) Option 1
( ) Option 2
( ) Option 3

Remember If you have an empty line separating the brackets this will separate the buttons into another group.

After being transformed, here is what a group of option buttons look like.

Option buttons


Note: You can use descriptive text next to the brackets. For Example: ( ) Red ( ) Blue ( ) Green

You can try this on a single line if you like.

Write Your Form

  1. Open your favourite email client

  2. Address the email to

  3. Add your form title to the subject line

  4. Write out your form just as you would if you were going to print it

  5. Hit send

DocBlaster should then transform your email into an interactive DocBlaster Form. After a few moments, you should receive a reply from DocBlaster.

Review Send

Click ‘Review and Send’ to review your form and send it using SMS, email or social media.

Click here to see a tutorial on the DocBlaster form manager.

Click here if you would like to learn how to link a DocBlaster Form into a DocBlaster Letter