How do I fill out a DocBlaster Form?

Here is a Tutorial for filling out a DocBlaster form.

Receiving the document
When you have been sent a form to fill out you should receive it either as a text message or as an email or even a link in another document.

If you receive a link as a text message it might look like a URL link to click on. If you have been sent a DocBlaster form via email, the email should look similar to this:

Try clicking the ‘View Securely’ button and this should open a new tab for your DocBlaster form.

Try using the controls
Looking at the form you should see a loading sign and an animation showing the controls. Once that has loaded DocBlaster should reveal your form.

At the bottom of the screen you should see a tool bar that looks like this:

Screenshot from 2021-07-26 15-45-57


Note: This may vary in size depending on your screen.
In the center of the tool bar you should see the Menu button next to which are the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons. The arrow buttons on the left it to go back a page. The arrow button on the right should change to an Enter button if there has been any changes on the page (such as ticking a box or if you filled in a signature panel). After you press Enter it should then go back to an arrow to continue on to the next page.

Try the Menu Button
The Menu button is the button in the middle of the control bar. When you click on the Menu button your options should pop up as seen in the screenshot below.

Screenshot from 2021-07-26 15-40-02

The X button at the top should close the menu. The Question Mark button in the middle should make a new tab, and take you to the help page on DocBlaster’s website. Clicking on the Floppy Disk button at the bottom of the menu should save your document as a PDF file.

Try signature Panels
This is a signature panel:

Screenshot from 2021-07-26 15-36-12

A signature panel is a new way to sign a form. You can fill in a signature panel by clicking on it then signing it with your pen tablet (or try a touch pad or mouse if you don’t have one) on a computer, or simply using your finger or a stylus on a touchscreen.

When you tap or click on the signature panel it should go full-screen and look like this:

To exit out of the signature panel try clicking on the Cancel button (X) next to the trash can in the middle of the signature panel’s control bar. If you make a mistake try clicking on the Trash Can and it should clear the signature panel for you to start over. When you are happy with your signature, press the Tick button in the right corner to continue filling out your form.


If you fill in the signature panel with a touchscreen (or try with a touch pad) make sure you use your fingertips and not your fingernail.

For best performance it’s recommended that you have automatic screen rotation set to off.

With a computer it may be best to use a pen tablet accessory.

Try text boxes
Here is what a text box look like:
Screenshot from 2021-07-26 16-09-41

Just like any other text box, you just click and type away, or on a touch screen, tap and your keyboard should come up.

Try check boxes
Check boxes are pretty straight forward.

Here is what they look like:
Screenshot from 2021-07-26 15-35-21

When you click or tap on a check box it fills the box to show you have selected or deselected it.

Screenshot from 2021-07-26 16-11-39

Try option buttons
Option buttons come in groups. You cannot select any more than one option in each group.

Screenshot from 2021-07-26 16-10-14

Here is an example of a group of option buttons with one of the options selected:

Screenshot from 2021-07-26 16-13-28

Try mandatory controls
Mandatory check boxes, signature panels and text boxes are the same as any others, except a person filling the form cannot move on to the next page or finish the form until they have filled them out.

You can tell a mandatory control by a red Asterisk symbol (*) at the beginning or the end of the control as shown below:

Screenshot from 2021-07-26 16-00-19

Screenshot from 2021-07-26 15-57-01


Try saving the document
Once you get to the end of a form, there should be a dialogue box asking you to confirm your email.
Screenshot from 2021-07-26 16-15-39

If you want to go back you can click on the Back arrow on the left. If you are happy with the form, type in your email address and press the send arrow on the right.

You should then receive a secure link to a PDF of your now filled out form to your email address.