How do I create a DocBlaster Letter?

Where do we start?

Start by writing your letter out in an email addressed to

Add the following characters for their purposes as demonstrated bellow. They will transformed after you send it through the DocBlaster Service.

Text Fields

A line of underscores like this:

should make a text field as shown below.


Note: The minimum amount of underscores is 3. each underscore represents one character.

Signature Panels

If you do the same thing except you put a forward slash at the beginning and the end of the line like this:


It should make a signature field as shown below.


To see more on signature panels click here

Note: You can also use options buttons, check boxes and mandatory fields in a letter see How to Create a DocBlaster Form for more information on that.

Sending your letter through the DocBlaster service

Once you have finished, send the email to DocBlaster will then transform your email into a DocBlaster Letter. After a few moments you should receive an email back from DocBlaster. In that email there are two options: ‘View and Fill Letter’ and ‘View Forms List’ (as shown below).

Click the ‘View and Fill Letter’ button and it should open the DocBlaster letter in another tab where you can fill it out.

You should see a full transformation from an email to a fully operative online document as shown bellow.

(Before being transformed ⇩)

Once transformed it should look as shown below.

This document should resize for a screen of any size and allow you to zoom in and out if necessary.

One you have completed filling out the letter you should be prompted to confirm your email.

After typing in your email and pressing Next this should send you an email with a link to securely download and view your now signed document.

Note: You can also forward the email to someone else so they can view the PDF securely rather than having to download it and then attach it to an email.

If you would like to know how to link a DocBlaster Form to a DocBlaster Letter click here