How do I link a DocBlaster Form to a DocBlaster Letter?

DocBlaster Letter & Form or DocBlaster Form alone?

Try linking a DocBlaster form to a DocBlaster Letter as a great way to cut down on costs and maximise distribution. Rather than sending a notice at beginning of a form to recipients who might not fill it in, a DocBlaster Letter can contain a link to a DocBlaster Form.

Note: If you wish to capture people's information as they read your material, or save them an extra click and waiting for the DocBlaster Form to load, try putting all your information into a DocBlaster Form alone. Click here for more information on how to create a DocBlaster form.

Linking a DocBlaster form to a DocBlaster Letter means the letter can be attached to emails (as a PDF) or sent as a link to be more securely downloaded. Then if someone wants to fill a form they can click on the link at the end of the letter to activate the DocBlaster Form. Using a DocBlaster Form alone on the other hand, does not allow your information to be attached to an email since it requires the recipient to click on a link to launch the DocBlaster Web App.

Linking a DocBlaster Form to a DocBlaster Letter

The first step is to create a DocBlaster form (but saving its introductory contents for the DocBlaster Letter) the and then preview it in the usual way.

Click here for more information on how to create a DocBlaster form.

Once you reach the DocBlaster Form Manager, click on the Copy button (the one with the two papers):

Note: You can access the Form Manager from your DocBlaster List.

This should show a screen with a link to copy as shown below.

Highlight the link then press the Copy button.

Once you have clicked the Copy button this should save the link to your clipboard.

Click here to learn more about using the DocBlaster Form Manager.

After you have made your form, write your DocBlaster Letter in the usual way, and add the link you copied from the form preview.

Click here to see more on creating Docblaster Letters

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