How do I use the DocBlaster Form Manager?

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After reviewing a DocBlaster form you should see the DocBlaster manager.

SMS and Social Media

To send the form via SMS or social media try clicking the button with the two pages. It should then show a screen with a link to copy.

Highlight the text in the box as shown in the image above and copy it. Once you have done this simply paste it in any messaging app and it's ready to go!


To send the form as an email try clicking on the paper plane. It should come up with a box asking for an email address. Enter your email address here and click send. Look in your email. DocBlaster should send one you can forward to anyone.


If you are not pleased with how the form looks, try clicking the trash can and it should delete the form permanently.

Download and Sign

On the Next page of the form manager you should be able to download the form as a PDF or sign it yourself as a DocBlaster form.


If you want a paper form try clicking the download PDF button. This should download the form as a printable PDF.

Sign it Yourself

If you wish to fill the form yourself try clicking the web icon. This should then open the form in another tab ready for you to sign away.

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